Foundation year: 2013

Y-PLUG is a new start-up who has built an intelligent multiplug, totally controlled from phone, smartphone, or pc.
It is a revolutionary idea, that allows everybody to make his own home automation in a simple and cheap way. Let’s think to what is possible to do simply making a call, or sending an sms or a mail to activate the plugs..
It is programmable by a pc (the user can insert phone numbers, alarms, parameters..), so it can be used in irrigation, lighting, heating and so on and so forth.
It is also possible to modulate the power in each single plug, and to regulate the temperature of a room (i.e. by connecting a stove) automatically, thanks to a temperature sensor inside it.

CEO: Matteo Fracassi
Home Automation
HQ: via Bachelet n.4 - 41057 Spilamberto (MO) Italy
Contact: Matteo Fracassi, yplug.knowbel@gmail.com