Foundation year: 2014

Ufoody is a big market online at home, where you can find only the best of greatest food. Ufoody is the web marketplace which allows you to know, choose, share and purchase products belonging to the best culinary traditions. Ufoody wants to be a global partner of Internet Retailing for agri-food companies. Ufoody selects the best culinary products through a collaboration and trust-based relationship with the best players in the food sector, making it possible to guarantee a real heritage of taste, quality for those who love the good food. Ufoody wants to be a mirror and essential guide for aware consumers, by explaining the choice of each product, by telling where it comes from and how, through the voice of those who working hard, wisely and traditionally handle products, far before they arrive on our tables. Passion, tradition and culinary culture are the three key elements of Ufoody.
Co-founder, CEO - Vincenzo Longo
Co-founder, COO - Luigi Prencipe
Co-founder, General Manager - Attilio Giuliani
Accountant & Financial Analyst - Paolo Caselli
Legal Advisory - Pierluigi Cornacchia
E-Commerce, Food.
Reference Contact: Vincenzo Longo
Website: www.ufoody.com