Foundation year: 2013

Slowd is the web platform that revolutionizes the supply chain of design products. A global community of artisans and designers that develops, prototypes and designs, allowing to purchase on-line furniture pieces that will be manufactured on-demand by a network of local selected craftsmen.
Slowd creates a diffused and collaborative factory, integrating small businesses into a new type of product chain that cuts off production costs and avoiding process industrialization, enabling the production and distribution of open source licensed products too.
Sustainable, agile, customizable.

Co-founder, CEO - Andrea Cattabriga
Co-founder, COO - Sebastiano Longaretti
CFO - Eugenio Burani
CTO, platform development - Diego Magrini
Consulenza legale - Angela Prunella
Furnishings, interior design; B2B services for artisan business and professional designers.
Location: Spilamberto (MO)
Reference Contact: Andrea Cattabriga, +39 339 7801377, @andrecatta
Website: www.slowd.it ; www.zeromiledesign.org