Foundation year: 2011

Ecotech Industrial is a modern and advanced high-tech company which supplies high performances hydraulic piston motors and pumps with a full range of remote controls and customized units.
The unique Ecotech product is Poweroll, a patented radial piston motor design which represents the new generation of high efficiency hydraulic motors.
Due to very low mechanical and fluid friction, Poweroll provides more performances and functionalities, together with lower consumptions; this means very interesting new possibilities and solutions for Ecotech Industrial’s customers.
Thanks to the company involvement in quality and technology and to a traditional mechanical expertise of this Italian region, the no-compromise quality of Poweroll distinguishes the product by several competitors, some of them are trying to give value to the market lowering their prices.
Furthermore, the capacity to customize even small batches of motors to the specific requests of the customers gives Ecotech a strong service capability, which now is missing to medium and smaller competitors.
The real benefits the company can provide thought its products together with the service capability gives major opportunities to Ecotech to boost the next future growth reaching in the medium term a recognized position in hydraulic motors and pumps market.

Managing Director: Davide Pecorari
Technical Engineer: Giacomo Zironi
Workshop Technician: Sergio Sighinolfi
Sales Engineer: Marco Albertini
Engineering industry – Hydraulics engineering
Location: Via Galileo Galilei, 216/C – 41126 – Modena
Contact: Davide Pecorari, +39 340 47 51 394, davide.pecorari@ecotechindustrial.it
Website: www.ecotechindustrial.it