Foundation year: 2012

The BassaNova project was designed to facilitate the introduction of tools and processes of Smart Communities, in the Cratere's belt, the Po valley area hit by the earthquake of may 2012.
A Smart Community is a community that has made a conscious effort to use information technology to trasform life and work within its region in significant and fundamental rather than incremental ways.
The goal of such an effort is more than the mere deployment of technology. Rather is about preparing one's community to meet the challenges of a global, knowledge economy.
The tools provided to support the action of the team are 3, a web platform declined in the various policy areas (economy, governance, mobility, environment, living, people) + a series of apps (Smart People Bundle) available to urban users, a physical Hub can accommodate a FabLab, one coworking space, a multimedia editing team, classrooms and training rooms, and an hyperlocal web TV able to give visibility to the activities of the community, generate revenues (through advertising) and facilitate the dissemination of skills relating to the production of digital content, from the users.

Project Designer: Giordano Cuoghi
Project Management: Paolo Ferri
Account Manager: Manuel Maggio
Social innovation
HQ: Viale Corassori, 54 Modena (MO)
Contact: Giordano Cuoghi; mob: 333 8360412;
Website: www.bassanova.eu